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19. How To Be More Vulnerable When You Express Yourself – Without Scaring People Away

As a speaker, you’ve probably heard this advice: “Be vulnerable. It will help your audience connect with you.” 

But when does being vulnerable cross into TMI? After all, you want to engage your audience and Own the Room –– not clear it!

In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest shares two ways to show vulnerability that builds trust, likeability, and connection with your audience. You will learn how to serve your audience with every story you tell (and avoid sharing too much information!).

Deirdre discusses: 

  • The benefits of showing vulnerability in a professional business setting
  • Top reasons to share your life experiences with your audience
  • What gratuitous vulnerability is (and reasons to avoid it)
  • How to demonstrate vulnerability, connection, and humanity through storytelling
  • And more


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