About Us

For the first four years of my business I belonged to a weekly networking group. It was the kind of group where the same people came week in and week out month after month, year after year. I loved it because I got to know the group members really well and to this day I’m still friends with many of them and still do business with them.


Every week the members had to get up and give a 60 sec commercial on who they were and the type of business they were looking for. What broke my heart was that when at least 50% of the members spoke, the other members would simply tune out. You could see it in their glazed over eyes and secretly looking at their phone under the table.

I remember thinking, “these group members are just as good at what they do and care just as much about their clients as the group members who were being listened to, they just don’t know how to communicate their value in a way that inspires people to buy into their message.” 

This put them at a massive unnecessary disadvantage. 

It bothered me so much that I eventually shifted my coaching practice from helping professionals master their mindset to mastering their speaking skills.


With this new mission, I’ve vowed that I would teach others how to be the kind of speaker that got others to sit up and listen and take action.

I believe that God has created each one of us for a purpose and that he has given you a message that only you can deliver. I believe you have a fundamental human right to be heard and I believe you can learn to express yourself in a way that others respond positively to.