Why “Killing your Darlings” Is Absolutely Critical in Storytelling (Ep 29)

Would you believe that the subject matter of a great story is almost irrelevant?

What makes a story great and what can RUIN it… is all in the editing! Finding the right details in a story to capture the audience’s attention and relate to the presentation’s topic is much more important than having an action-packed story.

In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest reveals the importance of editing and why a great story is not what you leave in but what you take out.

Deirdre discusses: 

  • The number one editing skill you need to develop when writing your speeches and stories
  • Two types of stories every business owner needs to be telling
  • How the Asset Creation Team at Crazy Good Talks helps clients create engaging and strategic business stories
  • Two simple ways to find the details that are distracting and not useful in a story
  • The first steps to take when you start developing your story
  • And more


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