22. 13 Mistakes That Stop You From Becoming a Crazy Good Speaker (And How To Fix Them!)

Are you struggling to hold your audience’s attention and own the room every time you speak? If so, you might be making the most common delivery mistakes without realizing it. 

Let’s turn that around!

In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest unpacks 13 mistakes that derail speakers of all experience levels from giving a Crazy Good Talk®! Not only that, but she shares how to make improvements right away — these are the major tips Deirdre has learned from helping thousands of professionals bring in business faster and impact more lives through public speaking.

Deirdre discusses:

  • How to give your audience advice without ever sounding preachy
  • The basics of how to move with purpose while on stage-don’t be a ‘pacer’ or ‘swayer’.
  • What it looks like to aim for connection over perfection as a speaker
  • Why it’s a mistake to address your audience as a group (and what to do instead)
  • And more


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