14. How to Master the Power of the Pause in Your Presentations

When you’re presenting, do you feel pressured to fill every space with words?

A lot of professionals feel this way. They believe that if they pause, they’re giving the audience “nothing.”

In this episode of Crazy Good Talks®, Deirdre Van Nest explains why the opposite is true. You will discover why taking a  pause is the most powerful way to connect deeply with your audience. Plus, she shares four types of pauses for every speaker to master, when to use them, and how. 

Deirdre discusses: 

  • Four key times to pause during a presentation or speech
  • Why pausing will help you build an intellectual and emotional connection with your audience
  • An easy technique for emphasizing a significant point to your audience
  • The answer to the question: “How long should I pause for?”
  • And more


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