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12. To Script or Not to Script? How To Know Which Approach Will Keep Your Audience’s Attention

“To script or not to script?” Do you ever ask yourself this question as you prepare for a Crazy Good Talk®?

In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest helps you decide which approach to take for your next speaking engagement –– and why (hint: It’s all about keeping your audience’s attention!). She also dispels the myth that scripting leads to sounding unnatural, and she shares her go-to method for memorizing long presentations. 

Deirdre discusses: 

  • Why scripting is the key to being 100% you in front of your audience
  • Top reasons to memorize your presentation
  • Guidelines on when to go scripted vs. unscripted
  • Why your favorite actors sound completely natural (even though they’re reciting lines)
  • And more


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