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Top 10 Tips for Crazy Good Videos With Laura Garfield (Ep. 30)

Just saying the word…Video. Strikes fear in hearts of even the most courageous advisors and entrepreneurs. 

In addition to hearing your inner critic tell you how bad you look and sound, if you’re not a video expert, filming, editing, and producing a video can be really intimidating! Plus, it’s easy to make mistakes. 

That’s why Deirdre asked Laura Garfield, the co-founder of Idea Decanter ,a video production company focused on helping advisors and entrepreneurs grow their business with video, to share her top 10 tips for making sure your videos are Crazy Good.

Deirdre’s favorite tip is #3. It’s something most people never think about, but if you miss it, your message may not be heard.

Laura discusses: 

  • The top ten tips for creating Crazy Good videos
  • Why bringing your authentic self to your videos, is critical for video success
  • “The strategy for talking directly to your audience – make each viewer feel seen and forming a quick connection with them
  • Why you MUST add captions to your videos 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Laura Garfield spent her teenage years idolizing Jane Pauley and Katie Couric. A thirst for learning and a love of writing had her hooked on broadcast journalism – where you didn’t have to know everything except how to ask the right questions. After graduation, Laura landed her first news gig at a tiny TV station in Hastings, Nebraska. Over the span of more than a decade, she worked her way up through stations in Omaha and New Orleans to a position at CBS News in New York and then CNN in Atlanta. 

Along the way she has written a book, worked as a foreign correspondent, and has lately been drawn to the emerging possibilities of digital storytelling. Instead of a company relying on a big ad spend, with the Internet, you can be a broadcaster of your own brand. Laura believes that all you need to pull it off is a talented content marketing team (like Idea Decanter!) to help you craft your message.