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16. 7 Steps To Creating a Clear Brand Message That Turns Prospects Into Clients With Casey Fuerst

Are you struggling to create a clear brand message? One a 10-year old can understand? 

No matter how long you’ve been in business, messaging is tough! Especially if you’re not a professional marketer. 

In this episode, Deirdre Van Nest gets solutions from Casey Fuerst, the owner of Tic Tac Toe Marketing and a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Casey shares seven easy steps for clarifying your message so that more prospects engage with you. This will transform how you talk about who you are, what you do, and the unique value you bring to your clients.

Casey discusses: 

  • What StoryBrand is (and why Deirdre is a big fan!
  • Why you want to be Yoda, not Luke Skywalker!
  • Seven steps to clarifying your message and helping prospects understand the benefits of working with you
  • How StoryBrand and Crazy Good Talks® strategic stories work together to grab and keep your prospects’ attention
  • And more


Connect With Casey Fuerst:

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About Our Guest:

For 20+ years, Casey Fuerst has worked with small businesses and nonprofits to give them messaging, strategic marketing plans, and collateral materials to support their work. Casey is a certified StoryBrand Guide and uses this framework to increase impact and grow businesses.