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26. What Would You Do if You Could No Longer Speak With Tim Schut

What would you do if you could no longer speak? It’s unimaginable isn’t it?

That’s the reality our guest Tim Schut is facing. 

In June of 2021, Tim was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Apraxia of Speech. This means he is progressively losing his ability to speak. 

He now uses optimism and courage to inspire others, reminding them just how sacred life is.

In this poignant episode, Deirdre Van Nest talks to Tim about: 

  • His journey after diagnosis and how he remains optimistic
  • How voice banking will preserve his (and your) voice for his children and future grandchildren.
  • The importance of living in the moment. 
  • The benefits of staying positive and finding something to look forward to every day
  • His conscious shift to stop thinking about the long-term future and focus on today 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Tim Schut has spent his career in the financial service and real estate industries. But most importantly, he is the father of three amazing girls, and he and his wife are high school sweethearts.